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    Historical Sermons  

    Historical Sermons

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    It is our joy and privilege to provide audio and video messages of our Sunday morning service. Messages are arranged from newest to oldest. Scripture is posted as well.

    In order for you to hear/view the Audio/Video Message:
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    1. Select one of the audio/video message options. Audio/video Messages are listed from Newest First to Oldest Last.
    2. Click on View or the Audio/Video Message Topic to download and hear/view the selected message.
    3. On the application bar click on the white arrow to begin playing the audio/video message.
    4. Sound can be adjusted lower or higher by clicking on the speaker button.

    May God challenge you through His servants' messages.

    Audio/Video Sermons

    The Mark of The Beast

    Pastor Lionel Pye
    Revelation 13:11-18
    Video of Indoor Service

    Video of Indoor Service