Campbellford Baptist Church Inc.

The Busy Bee's mission is to "Help People"! 

About Busy Bees

Busy Bees was originally started in 1992 by the late Lillian Beryl Nicholas. Prior to Campbellford Baptist Church moving to its current location, Beryl Nicholas started a small fundraising bazaar for the purpose of raising monies to help pay the mortgage on the new church home. From that small start, Busy Bees has grown and flourished.

Since its inception, long before opening day each year, the church phone rings off the wall from people wishing to drop off donations at the Busy Bees.  Donations have been received from Campbellford, Peterborough, Belleville, Oshawa and Toronto.

Those calls keep the members of the Busy Bees collecting, sorting and selling the wide range of donated items.  While it takes time and is hard work, the Busy Bees are up to the task. Nothing is every wasted. Clothes that don't sell are taken to Homeless Shelters. Old Blankets and towels are taken to the Humane Society. Unsold Christian books and Media Content go to the Christian Salvage Mission.

Donated scrap metal is sold to scrap yards and the proceeds are used for church mission projects.

Where do the funds go?
Thanks to the generous donations of items from various individuals and communities, the Busy Bees is enabled to donate to organizations such as Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, McMaster Divinity College, missions both home and abroad, Campbellford Memorial Hospital, area Food Banks, and The Bridge Hospice in Warkworth to name a few. Total donations as of 2023  year end to Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) were $279,000.00. Some of the funds donated to the hospital went towards a mammography unit, a special wheeled cart for the lab to carry equipment and supplies the technicians required for ECGs and blood work. In recognition of the Busy Bees contributions to CMH, a special plaque in memory of the late Lillian Beryl Nicholas, Busy Bees founder, has been placed on the donation wall at the Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

Thank you to all who so generously continue to support the Busy Bees through their donations.

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Now Accepting Donations

Please call to arrange for drop off of any donations

(705) 653-2187
(705) 559-7706

Closed for the season.

Reopening May 2024.

       Hours 9am - 3pm Thursdays and Fridays

WE WILL TAKE: All items that are CLEAN and in good working condition.

WE DO NOT TAKE: Bed Chesterfields or Bed Sofas, TVs, Printers, Hazardous waste materials, nor items having any immoral representation.