Campbellford Baptist Church Inc.

Campbellford Baptist Church Inc.

Issue 47                                                                                                                                                     September 2020


Unprecedented Times

An Invitation

The Lord willing, our first indoor-service since March 15th will be held in our sanctuary on Sunday, September 6, 2020. We invite you to attend.  Our Provincial Government has determined that church congregations may meet providing they do not exceed 30% capacity and providing they maintain social distancing, along with other restrictions.   A team of people from our congregation has been working diligently to ensure that we meet the requirements. We are calling them our COVID-19 Team!

 So, for Sunday, September 6th, please note the following:

           >The service will begin at 9:45 am as usual.

           >We encourage you to arrive between 9:30 am and 9:44 am.

           >It will be necessary to keep social distancing even when entering the building;          
           therefore, we will have sidewalk markings leading up to our entrance point.

           >Our 30% capacity is 120 people.

           >Each person planning on attending must pre-register to ensure that we do not  exceed 120. 
           Registration will be available on our Church Webpage at:

  or by phoning 705-653-1930

           Please register by Friday, September 4th.

           >If we reach the 120 maximum, and if you arrive after that time, you will not be able to enter. 
           We apologize in advance for  this restriction, but we know if you number among those who might be turned away,
           you will not be offended.

           >There will be no Sunday school; therefore, children are welcome for the entire service.

           >There will be no fellowship time following the service.

           >There will be no Adult Bible Class following the service.

           >Families may sit together, but other than family groupings, we must sit 6’ (2 metres) from each other.
           Our pews will be so marked. 
           Also, depending upon the number attending, some people may be sitting in the Sunday school hall.    

          >Masks MUST be worn upon entering and exiting the building, so please bring your mask with you. 
           Hand sanitizer will be available.  Since we are not allowed to enter and exit the building through the same door,
           we will enter through our main front doors and instructions will be given as to the door through which you will exit.
           You may or may not wear your mask while attending the service; the option is yours.
           However, when we sing as a congregation, masks must be worn. (At best, our singing will be somewhat muffled.)

           >We expect that the service will be approximately 3/4 of an hour in length; much like the timing of our drive-in services.

          >Because September 6th is the first Sunday of the month, we will also be participating in a Communion service. 
           The communion elements may be picked up on entry.  You may bring your own elements if you wish.

          >We will not be collecting our gifts, tithes and offerings in the usual way;  however a container will be available upon
           entry for you to deposit your offering.

           >Also, for your information, we will be keeping a list of all who will attend on any given Sunday in the event people need
            to be contacted following the service because an attendee has been diagnosed with the virus.

 Our COVID-19 Team has been looking at various scenarios.  For example:

          Scenario 1 Begin with our first indoor service on September 6th at 9:45 am.
          (Depending upon how that service goes, continue under the same conditions until further notice.) 
          As you can tell from the information above, we have decided, at this point, on Scenario 1.

          Scenario 2 Consider the possibility of 2 morning services if we appear to exceed our 120 capacity.
          Perhaps the first service beginning at 9:45 am and the second one beginning at 11:15 am. (Time in between for cleaning.)

          Scenario 3 Consider encouraging all people with surnames that begin with the letters A-L to attend the 1st service; 
          and people with surnames that begin with the letters M-Z to attend the 2nd service.

          Scenario 4 Consider the possibility of 2 services, one at 9:45 am and the 2nd at    6:00 pm with the same surname division.


Our plan is to determine how our first such service on September 6th works and then make a decision regarding other services. 

 Through all of this, let’s remember what Paul, the Apostle wrote:


“. . . for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”

(Philippians 4:10)